About Us

Who Created This Website and Why?

Whit.by Is Managed by Jack Barber Ltd

This website is built and maintained by Jack Barber Ltd, based in Whitby. We’re a small team (there are 2 of us) of website designers and developers. Founded by Jack Barber in 2010, the company has served Whitby’s small businesses for over a decade and has built a strong reputation during this time.

Whit.by has been built as a replacement to an older website Jack built. Our hope is that it will become a place of reliable and useful information for visitors to our town, as well as locals. It is also our hope that the site will provide a valuable service to the businesses who advertise through it and use the tools and technologies we will continue to develop.


The COVID-19 outbreak prompted us to get the site online a bit quicker than we had planned, in order to support Whitby’s local businesses. As a result, parts of it remain unfinished. We are working hard to get the site fully operational.