ParticipAction is a registered charity for the Whitby area, currently based at 1 Larpool Lane. We use horticulture as a vehicle for therapy to provide the chance for people with mental health needs and learning difficulties to take part in reqarding activities, which in some cases may help them to integrate into mainstream society.

Members work on a variety of projects which include growing fruits, flowers and vegetables, managing a small area of woodland and other associated projects, such as the contruction of paths.

The new site has been available for us for a few years now and is still a Work in Progress. There is an active Committee, and members and volunteers are always available to assist, advise and learn!

Our move from the original garden at Stainsacre Hall to the Elderly
Persons Home at Larpool has given us an opportunity to re-evaluate some
of our beliefs and practices. We have realised the importance of
working in partnership with other areas of society and to that end much
of the groundwork at the new garden has centred around making is
accessible to people with mobility problems. New seating has been
purchased from Dalewood House, a local day centre for adults with
learning difficulties, and a local Guide group have made nest boxes and
placed them in the woodland area.

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1 Larppol Lane
North Yorkshire

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