Zoe Taylor Art

Zoe Taylor Art

Zoe Taylor Art

The coast and landscape are sources of inspiration and for Zoë’s paintings. Zoë creates most of her work on the beach and makes use of the sea in the creation of them.

She usually works on raw unprimed canvas and mark-makes using some naturally occurring pigments (often collected from the location where she is painting) on the initial layers. Zoë then often submerges the paintings in the sea and allows the waves to move and remove some of the pigment. Zoë continues this process using a combination of naturally occurring pigments and acrylic based paints, repetitively submerging the canvas in sea, as such creating seascapes that are almost a collaboration between herself and the sea.

Zoë’s goal is not to create hyper-realistic paintings, but to paint the experience of being by the sea. She strives to paint the soul of the sea and hopes that she portrays the power of it and it’s musical soundscape.

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