Whitby Wildlife

Whitby Wildlife

Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary started in 2009. I began by volunteering at my local veterinary practice and opting to take care of two pigeons which needed long term care. As most veterinary practices are not able to house wild animals for the long term, I offered my help.

Before I knew it, one or two pigeons turned into five herring gulls which then turned into several hedgehogs and word spread. I was beginning my own little rescue service.

This had me thinking. There seemed to be so many people who were coming across sick, injured and orphaned wildlife with no where for them go. It was then, I decided I had to continue my work and develop the sanctuary. I went from a full time teacher to a part time teacher juggling both work and the sanctuary and finally decided to leave teaching altogether to concentrate on the charity full time.

What started off as a couple of pigeons in some modest cages developed into several avaries, a paddock, an area I like to call ‘the gull pen’ and a seabird rehabiliation pool. As you can imagine, living in Whitby means my most common rescue are seabirds. The sanctuary now rescues over 600 wild animals a year and is planning on developing further. My next aim for the sanctuary is to get charity status and raise enough funds for it to move to its own location with more land. Currently, the sanctuary is limited to birds and small mammals only but hopes to help the larger animals in the future.

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