Shopping in Whitby

While there may be no large department stores or shopping centres in Whitby, the town does benefit from a varied independent retail scene.

A mixture of well-known brands, independent retailers, charity shops, cafes and pubs line Baxtergate, Whitby’s central highstreet. Get shoes repaired at The Whitby Cobbler while browsing their range of well-known footwear names and don’t forget to pick up some famous Whitby lemon buns from Botham’s just a few doors down.

Just around the corner, the steep Golden Lion Bank leads up to Flowergate, another busy shopping street lined with coffee shops, clothing boutiques and hair and beauty salons. Local favourites include historic clothes shop Spanton 1883 and Pandemonium for all things goth and punk. Thanks to their central location, both Baxtergate and Flowergate are easy to reach from many guesthouses and bed and breakfasts in the middle of town.

For more independent shopping, head to Skinner Street where you’ll find fewer national brands and even more local retailers. Rummage through The Bazaar’s quirky antique collection and pick up some souvenirs and crafts at The White Rabbit.

Most of Whitby’s jet shops are situated on the eastern side of the harbour, along Church Street, Grape Lane and Sandgate. W. Hammond is the town’s original port of call for jet jewellery, dating back to 1860. C. W. Sellors Jewellers and the Ebor Jetworks are two other popular shops dedicated to jet.

Another popular stop for tourists and locals alike is Whitby Glass. The glassmakers have been selling their famous Lucky Ducks for over 50 years and these dainty glassworks have even featured on the BBC and in national newspapers.

Fans of fish and seafood will also find Sandgate Seafoods on this side of the bridge. The family-run fish merchant has been selling fresh Whitby fish for over 30 years. From fresh lobster and crab to cooked shellfish and marinades, the shop offers a variety of
seasonal seafood.

Just along from the bottom of the 199 Steps on Henrietta Street, Fortune’s Kippers have been smoking fish for over 139 years. Another stalwart of Whitby’s seafood scene, the smokehouse has been featured on a number of cooking shows and visited by a number of celebrity chefs including Rick Stein and Gary Rhodes.

For those with more of a sweet tooth, the town has a number of traditional sweet and chocolate shops. Sandgate Sweet Shop is known for its large range of traditional favourites and The Chocolate Box on Golden Lion Bank offers a range of chocolate treats to suit any
budget. For more traditional seaside goodies, you’ll find rock and fudge at John Bull Confectioners on St. Anne’s Staith.