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Discover Whitby's Best Walks and Trails

Welcome to Walkshire

Welcome to Yorkshire, Yorkshire’s region-wide tourism body, have launched a year-long campaign#Walkshire has the aim of encouraging people to walk more and enjoy the sights and sounds of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire is home to some of the most beautiful views and wonderful scenery in the country. But the Walkshire campaign isn’t just about getting out and about in the middle of nowhere. Yorkshire’s towns and cities are great locations for walking too – there’s so much on our doorsteps!

Welcome to Yorkshire will be publishing a walk a day via their website and social media channels. Here at Welcome to Whitby we want to shine a light on some of the Whitby area’s best walks. Throughout this year, we’ll post a walk per week. We’ll be covering all kinds of terrain and in various locations. Most of our walks will be accessible routes, perfect for families to enjoy together. Some of our walks will be more advanced – longer, or over more difficult terrain.

Below we’ve given some information about how you can support Whitby’s businesses. We’ve also given some suggestions for equipment you might need to get if you want to make the most of #walkshire. We hope that despite the COVID travel restrictions, you’ll get out and enjoy #walkshire!

Supporting Whitby’s Businesses

Walking is not only good exercise, and a fantastic way to get back to nature. It’s also a great way to support local businesses. By walking you’ll pass small shops and businesses which you’d otherwise miss. Often when driving we’ll pass through a small village, without stopping. Walking gives us a chance to slow down – to stop and make the most of every step.

When we publish our walks we’ll highlight some of the businesses you can support. They may be take-aways or village shops with food and drink.

As we write this, the UK is heading into another COVID lockdown, so many businesses are now closed. We will still mention businesses in our routes. We hope that as lockdown is lifted they might benefit from this promotion in the longer term.

It would be fantastic if, through more walking, Whitby’s local economy is strengthened. Our local businesses have had a hard time through the COVID pandemic. Many are reliant on tourism and visitors from outside the area. Our hope is that local residents will get behind and support more local businesses. And there are many ways to do that.

Support Whitby's Local Businesses

Write Online Reviews

You might have seen Google's recent advertising push. They've been promoting the writing of reviews. This is a great way to support small businesses as it helps secure strong search engine rankings. When you leave a positive review for a business you're telling Google that it's worth visiting. In turn, Google promotes that business within it's search results. One of the best things you can do for your favourite local businesses is write good reviews. And this is something you can do whether they're open or closed!

Share on Social Media

Another easy way to support local businesses is to share photos or share their posts on social media. Whatever you preferred platform, 'like' and 'follow' your local businesses. By 'liking' or commenting on their posts you'll be helping spread their name far and wide. You can also take photos of local businesses, or things you've bought, and share them - tagging them in your posts.

Spend Money

Of course, the obvious way to support local businesses is to spend money with them. This could mean buying things for yourself - like lunch, or a coffee. Or buying gifts or things for other people, from local companies. With the rise of the internet, lots of our habits have changed and we're sometimes too quick to shop online. Local businesses often stock the same items as we would buy online, and at reasonable prices. As you walk, look out for shops you haven't visited before.

Walkshire is for Everyone

Even as we deal with the restrictions of COVID lockdowns, walking remains accessible. Regardless of where you live, you'll have several options for walks right from your home. Driving a short distance will open up yet more options. And Yorkshire is one of the best locations for walks of all kinds in the country.

Whether you're older or younger, fitter or less active, there'll be a route for you. There are walks for families who need walks which suit all ages. And for advanced walkers and those looking for a challenge, you'll not be disappointed!
Every walk we share will include some introductory information. Including:

How Can You Get Involved?

The main thing you can do is get out and explore! Follow the routes shared by Welcome to Yorkshire or her on Welcome to Whitby. We hope that by the end of this year, loads of people will have walked routes they'd never considered before.

Despite the COVID pandemic, exercise is permitted. And you'll might be surprised how many good routes are available close to home. We will be focussing our attention on walks which start and finish close to or within Whitby itself. If you've got any good suggestions feel free to send them to us to write up!

Welcome to Yorkshire are encouraging people to use the hashtage #walkshire. Whichever social networks you use, use #walkshire to share your experiences. Tag photos, share ideas for routes, film short videos. We'll also be keeping an eye on that hashtag, and promoting posts which highlight the Whitby area.

Main Walking Routes for #Walkshire

Whitby is located on the Yorkshire coast. To one side is the North Sea, so there are limitations to the directions walks from here can take! However, we also have access to some of the best footpaths, trails and tracks in the country.

The Cleveland Way

The Cleveland Way is an 109 mile walking route, starting in Helmsley and finishing in Filey. It's a kind of big semi-circle, navigating the north of the North York Moors and the Yorkshire coast. The coastal section runs from Saltburn by the Sea all the way down to Filey, past Scarborough. Whitby is right on the route, with the Cleveland Way arriving in Sandsend. It follows the beach (or cliff) and then continues south from Whitby Abbey headland.

The Cinder Track

The Cinder Track is the disused railway path which runs from Whitby to Scarborough. In many areas it runs parallel to the Cleveland Way, but slightly inland. Some sections are more accessible than others. At the Whitby end much has been recently resurfaced, making it a great place for families to exercise. The first couple of miles from Whitby are buggy-friendly. After that, towards Robin Hood's Bay it is suitable for walking and cycling - but can get a little muddy in places.

Footpaths & Trails

There are lots of footpaths in the Whitby area. Some run between the Cinder Track and the Cleveland Way, making for nice short circular walks. Others follow the Esk Valley, inland. Footpaths vary in accessibility. Some are well-used and easy to navigate. Others are less well-trodden. The North York Moors National Park have done a fantastic job marking the routes - look out for the yellow arrows. However, a decent OS map wouldn't go a miss if you're venturing out onto the moors. Don't rely on GPS - batteries fail, devices get dropped. A map is a vital companion, not just for the adventurous!

Recommended Walking Equipment

Regardless of how far you're walking, taking the correct equipment is vital. Especially if the weather is poor, or you're heading into the countryside or North York Moors. Below we've given a few suggestions - recommendations for things you should take. Use your common sense and experience to gauge what is necessary.


If you're going to be out walking for any length of time, a decent bag is a great investment. You'll find you use it more than you think. It's useful to have somewhere to stash drinks, snacks and extra layers. It'll help keep your hands free which, depending on the terrain you're navigating, might be very useful!

Boots & Socks

Walking boots and good socks are also a must-have. Make sure they fit well and are designed to meet the rigours of your route. Often, cheaper boots and socks won't withstand more difficult terrain. They can quickly become uncomfortable. Buying a good pair of boots is an investment you won't regret. There are loads of styles available these days. From traditional leather boots to those built from high-tech synthetic materials. Get some good advice and buy the best you can afford.

Jacket & Layers

A good walking jacket will keep you warm and dry. Look out for the waterproof rating - the higher the better. Wind-proof is a good idea too. Keeping the chill off when you're up on a hill is important. If you get cold whilst you're out and about it can spell disaster. Depending on the time of year you'll want to wear different layers. In the winter, thermal base layers will keep you warm, look for merino wool options. Fleeces, shirts, t-shirts and down jackets all have their place in the keen walker's wardrobe.

Map & Compass

An Ordnance Survey Map for the area you're walking in is an important tool. You don't need to be a master map reader, but a basic understanding will get you out of a sticky situation. Learn to look out for landmarks, keep your bearings (or find them with a compass) and stick to your route. If you ever find yourself crossing the North York Moors in the fog you'll be glad you did!

Hat & Gloves

In the winter, late autumn and early spring, hat and gloves are always a good idea. If you stop walking for any length of time you'll soon find yourself cooling down. Learning to retain heat is important. Wearing a hat and gloves may feel like overkill whilst you're moving. But, having them to hand when you stop for lunch can stop you getting cold.

Water Bottle

Even if you're just out for a short walk, keeping hydrated is important. Get a decent bottle. There are lots of options. Some people like an insulated one they can store a hot drink in (especially in winter). Some like a built in straw (perhaps with a filter), others a screw top. Find the right bottle for you - a good one will last a lifetime.


If you're out for any length of time, or leaving urban areas, taking a snack is a good idea. You might find you appreciate having something to give you a boost part way round. If you don't feel you need to eat it then you can always save it for next time. A piece of fruit is a good option - or something really sweet like Jelly Babies!


It's always a good idea to take a charged phone. You might want to turn it off and just enjoy the great outdoors. But if you get into trouble, or find someone else who needs asstance, you'll want to be able to call for help. You might also want to share images or video using the #walkshire hashtag on your way around!