Whitby Beach

Enjoy Miles of Uninterrupted Sand

Whitby beach stretches from the West Pier, all the way to Sandsend. It's a popular destination with locals and visitors alike, offering plenty of space to walk and play. Providing the tide is out, of course!

At the West Pier end of the beach you'll find Battery Parade. Home to a selection of cafes and chip shops as well as children's amusements in the summer. There's a rocky cove which is a fantastic spot for finding drift wood. It's at this end of the beach that donkey rides can also be enjoyed.

If you walk along the West Pier you can look down onto the beach at this point, as well as all the way along the coast to Sandsend and beyond.

DSC 9275

At high tide it's not possible to get onto the beach at this point. The slipway down onto the beach from Pier Road can also be dangerous as waves break onto it. Always check the tide times!

As you walk along the beach you'll pass under the Spa Pavilion - perched on the cliff top above. There are often exposed sandstone rocks here as well as the remains of ancient wooden groins. The tides and currents often change the depth of the sand here. The amount of rock and wood exposed can vary throughout the year.

As the path from the Pavilion drops down to the level of the beach you'll see the RNLI lifeguard lookout station on the promenade. This used to be a public toilet, but has been repurposed. The RNLI provide lifeguard teams throughout the summer, keeping swimmers and surfers safe.

Row of colourful beach huts in Whitby, Yorkshire, England.

The promenade runs all the way from this point to Upgang Ravine, which is about a third of the way to Sandsend. You'll see the brightly painted beach huts lined up here through the summer. These can be rented from the Beach Management Centre by the week or the day.

This is the most popular part of the beach - the perfect base for families. When the tide is all the way out it's a fair distance down to the water. However, there's great visibility, so children can play in safety and parents can relax with a picnic! Bring a football or frisbee - there's loads of space. On a windy day (which is almost every day!) a kit is great idea. During the summer this part of the beach is also dog-free.

There are various sets of steps and ramps providing access from the promenade down onto the beach. This makes it a great location for the whole family. Children can play happily on the sand, whilst grandparents or those requiring push chairs, prams or wheelchairs and stick to the prom.

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At the Beach Management Centre you'll find a small cafe, as well as free public toilets and an office. It isn't manned all year round, but the cafe is open regularly throughout the year.

As you pass the Beach Management Centre, the beach becomes rockier again. There's an area of large boulders, fantastic for rockpooling. You'll find various kinds of marine life - urchins, anenomies, small crabs and even fish lurking in the pools.

Passing the rock pools you'll see large granite boulders up against the promenade. This is an erosion control measure to reduce the damage the sea causes to the concrete. The rocks are fun to climb on, but be careful as there are large holes which can be easily fallen into.

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If you look up at the cliff you'll see zig-zag paths which provide access back up to the top of the cliff. Choose your route carefully - they're often steeper and longer than they look!

Fishermen often use this bit of the promenade, when the tide is in. Vehicular access is allowed at certain times, so watch out for cars, and fisherman casting their lines!

As the promenade comes to and end you've reached Upgang Ravine. You'll see a footbridge up the ravine, it belongs to the Whitby Golf Club and provides access for players. At this point you could take the footpath up the cliff to the White House Pub, or go up the lane and find yourselves on the road between Whitby and Sandsend.

Sandsend Beach

Sandsend isn't too far way now. As you continue walking the cliff turns from rock to clay and drops in height. This part of the beach of more gravel than sand. Look out for the sea glass!

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In the distance to the left you'll see the erosion control measures installed a few years ago. Concrete steps which keep the sea from destroying the earth below the road. These steps are a great spot to sit and watch the sea. There are often surfers enjoying this stretch of water too.

As you arrive in Sandsend you'll see cars parked up on the road to the left. There are a number of cafes within easy reach of the beach as well as public toilets near the NHS Surgery.

Panorama of Sandsend fishing village and dog friendly Sandsend beach on the North Sea North York Moors National Park England

Sandsend is a very popular spot through the summer. A small stream runs out of the valley, providing a safe area of water for children to play in. It's not advised to use inflatables in the North Sea, but the pool at Sandsend is a safe alternative.

If you've walked from Whitby you might like to get the bus back into town - look out for the X4, approximately every half hour.

If you carry on past the first stream, you'll find yourselves crossing another stream. This is at the bottom of Lythe Bank where the Sandsend pay and display car park is. At this point the beach disappears, you've reached the end of the sand!

Beach Safety

There are strong currents and waves can be unpredictable. Always make sure you check the tide times before setting off for a walk along the beach and wear appropriate clothing.

The North Sea is very cold at all times of year. If you're anticipating spending a long time in the water make sure you wear a wetsuit. If you're going swimming make sure you tell someone else your plan. It's always best to go as a pair.

Surfer Girl Waiting For a Wave

Watch out for the cliffs too - rock falls do happen. It's best to keep away from the base of the cliffs, just in case.

Please take any litter home with you, and clean up after your dog (if you have one). The beach is a fantastic place to rest and relax, provided it's kept clean and safe for all to enjoy.