Free Advertising for Whitby's Businesses

Free Advertising for Whitby’s Businesses

  • Jack Barber

When I was starting out in business, back in 2010, my accountant recommended that I create some kind of directory website. “That’s a good idea”, I thought. Then I got busy.

10 years have passed since I started my business. At every step of the way I’ve been working hard to support Whitby’s business community. And I’ll always be grateful for the support I’ve been shown in return.

This website started life as a bit of a side-project. In fact Esgrid (who works for me remotely, from Edinburgh) was given the responsibility of getting it to a fit state to launch. But then COVID-19 changed everything.

The last few months have been unlike anything we’ve ever known. Yet I am sure that as usual Whitby will adapt and overcome this adversity. Today is the first day since lockdown began that any shop can open its doors to the public, provided social distancing and appropriate safety measures are implemented.

With a number of small businesses now advertising themselves on this website, I wanted to draw attention to those who are really doing all they can to keep their staff and customers safe. I’ve created a COVID Secure page to highlight the Whitby businesses, attractions and activities which can be enjoyed safely whilst the virus remains a threat.

If you want to advertise your business on that page for free, simply click here and follow the instructions provided.

If you’re one of Whitby’s business owners I wish you every success over the coming months. It will be hard, but the visitors will return and in the meantime it’s fantastic to see locals pulling together to support each other and keep our town safe.

This Website Is Still Under Development

Yep… things aren’t quite finished yet. There’s a lot left to build to get the site where I want it to be and offer everything I’d like it to. But enough of it is built to make it worth publishing and begin offering valuable free advertising to Whitby’s businesses.

I’ve a long list of ideas which I hope to implement over the coming months. I’d love to hear yours too. Have you got a great idea which would take a website like this to the next level? Let me know!

Thanks for reading.