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A Circular Walk Through Newholm and Sandsend

  • Jack Barber

This is a lovely circular walk. It’s about 5 miles in total, but could be shortened either by taking a more direct route back towards Whitby from Raithwaite Estate, or by getting the bus back from Sandsend.

Start on West Cliff, Near the Metropole Hotel

Facing the sea, head along the top of West Cliff past The Wheeldale Hotel. Follow the road round to the left and then to the right as you pass Costcutter. Follow the main road to the mini roundabout, then turn left and head up Love Lane.

DSC 9302

At the top of Love Lane, turn right and then follow the road up past Lidl. Continue on the footpath (right hand side of the road) and continue to follow the road, passing the letterbox and then heading towards Sneaton Castle.

As you pass the last houses on the right, the footpath disappears. Be aware of oncoming traffic then re-join the footpath opposite the entrance to St Hilda’s Priory.

You’ll come to a sharp left hand bend in the road. Look for the footpath after the two farm lanes.

Follow the Footpath to Newholm

Follow the footpath, sticking to the edge of the fields. You’ll cross a style and then the hedge will be on your left. Crossing another style you may see some llamas in the field to the right, or even other wildlife like deer or hare, depending on the time of day.

DSC 9211

As you leave the footpath you’ll meet a lane. Beware of traffic. Turn right, then turn left and walk down the road towards the village of Newholm.

Passing the first few properties on the right, turn right down the lane. After a hundred metres or so you’ll see a gate and a style to the right. Cross the style.

Leave Newholm and Head Towards Sandsend

You’ll find youself following the edge of a field. After a short distance go through the gate in the hedge on the left and then turn right, following the wooded lane.

As you leave the canopy behind, you’ll find a kissing gate, on the left hand side. Pass through the gate and then follow the footpath. It’s quite narrow and can be steep in places to take care.

Following the edge of the fields keep heading straight on – do not take the left turn where the footpath splits.

Head into Raithwaite Estate

You’ll cross a style and find yourself in a field – there may be cows so watch out! Keeping the hedge to your right, head straight on, you’ll pass into a more open field and the footpath will begin to run down the field to the left. You should see The Lakehouse ahead of you.

DSC 9257

Follow the footpath down to the left hand edge of the field. Pass through the gate and follow the footpath. Beware of the drop to the left hand side.

As the path splits, take the left hand turn, over a little bridge amongst the bamboo. Then turn to the right, passing through a gate. You’ll see a small lake to the right. Look out for heron, ducks and other wildlife.

You’re now in Raithwaite Estate. It is a public right of way, but please be respectful of the private property. Stick to the main road running down towards the hotel buildings, with the formal gardens to the right. You’ll see a sign towards Sandsend.

Take the Sandsend Footpath

Follow the footpath down into the woods on the left. The path rises up the other side and you’ll go over a style and into a field. Again, beware of cattle.

Cross directly across the field and follow the path past the farm buildings to the left. You’ll end up on the Dunsley to Sandsend land. Beware of traffic. Enjoy the view!

DSC 9267

Turn right and walk down the lane. At the bottom you’ll find yourself in Sandsend.

Return along the Beach

If the tide is out, walk back along the beach. When you reach the promenade follow it back towards the Beach Management Centre. From here you can head up the cliff paths back onto West Cliff. Or, if you prefer, follow the beach all the way back to the piers.

DSC 9275

If the tide is in, or on its way in, stick to the road. As the road rises up out of Sandsend you’ll enjoy some great views of Sandsend behind you, across Whitby Golf Course and across to town. As you arrive back in town you’ll pass the mini roundabout at the end of Love Lane and then Costcutter on your left. Turn left here and you’ll be back in West Cliff, where you started.

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